Accurate Infrared Controls, Inc. is an ISO17025 certified electronic instrument calibration company dedicated to providing the highest quality services for its clients. We offer on-site calibration and certification of electronic test equipment and specialize in infrared non-contact temperature sensors and measurement systems. All equipment calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T).

When you make Accurate Infrared Controls, Inc. your equipment calibration provider, you will experience prompt and courteous service. Your equipment will be serviced and calibrated by qualified professionals that understand the importance of having precision equipment operating at peak performance.

We employ highly qualified technicians that are trained on, and required to follow our extensive quality control procedures. The systems and policies that have been put in place ensure the quality of the testing and calibration results of your equipment. Our quality control procedures require us to document all of our procedures and keep accurate records of the work performed. We periodically perform internal audits to ensure that our operations are always compliant to national standards.

Our laboratory is equipped with all of the tools, test equipment, and software required for the correct performance of the tests and calibration performed on your equipment. Our equipment is calibrated and traceable to the Internal System of Units (SI) and checked before each use to make sure that it complies with the required specifications. Maintenance and calibration records are kept on file for each piece of equipment used in our laboratory.

Accurate Infrared Controls is committed to providing you the best services possible for the calibration and certification of your equipment. We have worked with and received engineering training from world-renowned companies such as Eastman Kodak, Bell & Howell, Ircon, and Fluke Corporations. All of our work is guaranteed and we also offer service contracts to provide cost savings and regular scheduled service.

If you are looking for a partner that will provide you with a great experience for your equipment calibration and certification needs, give us a call at 773-412-1200. You will not be disappointed.